16 Years. 34 Flights. 4200+ Veterans Served.

Are you a veteran that would like to join HonorAir Knoxville on one of our trips? Maybe you would like to offer your services as HonorAir Volunteer Escort or Sam Hardman Student Ambassador.

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Flight Day Videos.

HonorAir Knoxville travels with professional photographers and videographers to produce a full-length video of the day's activities for all veterans. These videos are now available for family and friends.

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HonorAir Knoxville Flight 35 Update:

American Flag

Flight 35 is scheduled to leave Knoxville on September 25th, 2024 with 130+ East Tennessee veterans to visit the memorials built to honor their service and sacrifice.

Flight 35 will depart from Knoxville at 9:00am with a scheduled return into Knoxville at 7:40pm. Arrive early to the Welcome Home Celebration to get a spot. You can follow the trip on the official HA Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter feeds.

HonorAir Knoxville logo. HonorAir Knoxville flies East Tennessee WWII, Korean War, and Vietnam War veterans to Washington, DC at no cost to the veteran.

Honoring our veterans.

HONORAIR KNOXVILLE takes WWII, Korean and Vietnam veterans from East Tennessee to Washington, D.C. to visit the memorials built to honor their sacrifice - at no charge to the veteran.

No amount of gratitude could ever repay the debt for the gift of democracy veterans gave the world. However, HonorAir Knoxville is dedicated to honoring East Tennessee World War II, Korean War and Vietnam veterans and the sacrifices they made to ensure our freedoms.

Flight 34 veterans and escorts! You can download this video and save it to the device of your choosing. Simply click the download button and save it to your device!

Flight Day Videos.

After each flight, HonorAir produces a full-length video recap of the Flight Day for Veterans and Volunteer Escorts to share with their families.


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WWII photo of Normandy invasion.

World War II

16 million Americans served during WWII.  Over 400,000 men and women gave their lives in service to our country.

Photo of soldiers during Korean War.

Korean War

There were 6.8 million American men and women who served during the Korean War from 1950, to 1955 with  over 36,000 Americans killed.

Korean War
Image of American Vietnam War soldiers during war.

Vietnam War

Over 58,000 American soldiers lost their lives during the Vietnam War.  Americans listed as POW/MIA at the end of the war: 2,646.

Vietnam War






Honoring East Tennessee Veterans.


Make a Donation.

Each HonorAir Knoxville trip costs approximately $500 per veteran - so we need the financial support of the community to make these flights a reality.

Clicking the link below takes you directly to the official HonorAir Knoxville PayPal account.

NOTE: If you are making a donation 'In Memory of' or 'In Honor of' - there is an option to add a note to your donation. This option appears AFTER selecting to pay with PayPal or Credit/Debit card.

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If we donate, where does the money go?

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No donation dollars are applied to administrative expenses - as all admin expenses are paid by Prestige Cleaners. Donors can be assured that every dollar they send is applied directly to the cost of the trip for veterans. (All volunteer escorts pay their own way) Please help us honor "The Greatest Generation" who so willingly sacrificed for their country.

Can I make a donation in someone's honor?

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Yes.   If you wish to make a donation in memory or honor of someone, please select 'In Honor Of' or 'In Memory Of' in the boxes below in the PayPal section before proceeding to make your donation. If you know the address of the family please include that as well.  HonorAir will send a donation acknowledgment to the family.

How can I donate?

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HonorAir has also set up a PayPal account for anyone who would like to donate via PayPal. All transactions are secure and all major credits cards are accepted. Please use the PayPal link below. You will be redirected to PayPal's page for processing. You are not required to have a PayPal account.

Can I mail my donation?

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Yes. If donating with a check, please make checks payable to HonorAir Knoxville, a 501 (c)(3) organization. All checks written to HonorAir Knoxville are tax deductible. Mail your check to:

HonorAir Knoxville
PO Box 12990
Knoxville, TN 37912

Sam Hardman

When I got to go on the flight in May of 2008 it was an experience of a lifetime as I never expected to get to see [the World War II Memorial] at my age. The trip was wonderful in every way... None of the vets will ever forget the reception we received when we got off the plane in Washington and the huge crowd to greet us on our return to Knoxville with American Flags flying and the [Pride of the Southland] Band playing Rocky Top."